Featured Maker: Nomad Coffee

In 2016, entrepreneur duo Nicole Grinstead and Andrew Sepic converted a 1971 Go Tag-a-Long Camper into a modern, self-sufficient, mobile coffee shop. Nomad Coffee, their business, is both a mobile coffee shop and a mobile espresso bar/coffee catering service.

They both hold art degrees. Andrew writes, “Nomad Coffee was a chance to actually design and build a real tangible business, with systems and infrastructure requirements, employee workflow and user experience all bundled into one design challenge. I had so much fun designing and building this!”

Meet Nicole and Andrew, taste their coffee, and see their innovative design at the Champlain Mini Maker Faire! When not doing events, their mobile coffee shop is stationed at the five corners in Essex Junction.


The Mobile Coffee Shop runs on 30amps of 240V power. The espresso machine requires 60% of available power. It stores 60 gallons of filtered water in a storage tank. An RV water pump supplies water to a 3-bay sink, hand washing sink, hot water heater, coffee brewer, espresso machine, and pitcher rinser on demand. It can brew 70 espressos and 13 liters of coffee in an hour!

The Mobile Espresso Bar is made of two 5’ x 2’ custom-built bars on wheels. They roll into a 6′ x 8’ cargo trailer for easy packing and transport. It contains a simple plumbing and waste system installed under the counter, which pumps water from 5 gallon jugs to the espresso machine and pitcher rinser. Wastewater drains into 5 gallon buckets.



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