The sixth annual Champlain Mini Maker Faire offered high school students, college students, and entrepreneurial adults an opportunity to showcase their talent and work. While the event is geared for all ages, this year’s youngest Makers stole the show.

Tucker, 15, built his own drone using “A bit of carbon fiber with some electronics zip tied to it that somehow flies.” He participated in demonstrations, navigating his drone through a course of flags and tunnels with 6 other pilots; his was the only one still flying at the end of the event.

Inside the barn, robotics clubs from Champlain Valley Union and Essex High Schools filled a room with bots of all shapes and sizes they engineered themselves.


Attendees voted Noah Schwartz Maker of the Year. Noah ran an interactive Compressed Air Rocket booth. He is an eighth grade student at Harwood Union High School.

Alexis (Lex) Osler, undergraduate student at Cornell University, won the FreshTracks Road Pitch. He and his team, which has engineered a groundbreaking ergonomic seat, will compete for the grand prize at Champlain College on October 18.

The Champlain Mini Maker Faire, supported by 23 sponsors and attended by over 1,000 people, demonstrates Vermont’s enthusiasm and aptitude for innovation and problem solving through STEAM subjects.

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