What is RAD?

Our Services

CMF Inc.’s RAD program educates, motivates, and engages people of all ages to reduce carbon, adapt to changes caused by climate change and drawdown carbon. We collaborate and promote emerging RAD work, provide technical assistance to individuals and organization who want to go RAD, and produce and promote events and projects in support RAD outcomes.

Our Philosophy

We need to engage everyone to go RAD now so that we have food, water and energy security. We believe that people will find ways to go RAD if they have the tools, the knowledge, and sense of urgency.

Our Mission

Our mission has been to create a culture of innovation and ideas. With the addition of RAD, we want to accelerate climate awareness, sales of green products, and development of community and engineering solutions across the RAD spectrum.

Read more about RAD and view photos. (PDF)

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*painting by John Penoyar

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