Northern New England Drone User Group / Vermont Drone: See and learn about the latest in drone technology for photography, cinematography, search/rescue, mapping/surveying, engineering, and inspection. Watch amazing aerial photography videos and touch and play with drone controllers.

Worlds Largest Spirograph! Jake Blend has built a 20′ diameter spirograph that uses sidewalk chalk to make immense geometric designs.

Vermont Rocks Painting Group: Make someone happy, Paint a rock! All over the world, people are painting rocks, tagging and hiding them in parks and other public areas. Collect them, or re-hide them for others to find!

Nightmare Vermont: Nightmare Vermont is a PG-13 Halloween event at the Champlain Valley Expo, which creates a live, theatrical, interactive haunted house. It is one of the few to feature an integrated storyline and live stage combat. Check out their latest toys and the techniques they use to develop scares and FX makeup.

Creating Confidence With Circuits and Code: Increase your understanding of circuits and code to build fun, interactive objects! Enter the world of physical computing with Makey Makey, Hummingbirds, Raspberry Pi’s and codable Robots.

Mill Brook Railroad Ride the train!

Stitch-N-Glow: Make your own e-wearables!

Lab B and Robot Battle

Air Rockets



1. VDTEA Collective: Design and Technology Educators from around the state will display student projects. VDTEA courses are incubators for young makers that offer opportunities for youth to apply their core subject knowledge while creating tangible solutions to problems.

2. ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain: Lake Champlain’s endangered spiny softshell turtles are in trouble and need your help! Makers will use the engineering design process to transport turtles to safety as they plan, build, and evaluate solutions to ECHO’s zipline challenge.

3. Foundry Jewelry Workshop: Make a small piece of jewelry to take home with you!

4. TechnoRubble: Browse a vast selection of TechnoRubble that can be purchased piecewise for $1 per bag. Proceeds are intended for the instantiation of a Community Maker Space in Barre.

5. Lego Fidgit Spinner: Using your creative engineering skills, design and build your own Lego fidgit spinner.

6. Automated MIDI Reed Organ: Meet a student of Champlain Valley Union High School who built a MIDI-operated 88-key reed organ. It uses 3 Arduino Megas, 6 custom 16-channel solenoid driver boards, and 2 12V 40A power supplies.

7. Virtual Worm Lab: Charley Lind has brought virtual C.elegans worms to life! These tiny transparent worms are used by scientists to study common biological processes. Take control of these virtual worms using keyboard, mouse or VR controller. View the virtual world as if seen through light-field, dark-field or electron microscope.

8. TieDyeLion Splatter Painting: Evan Greenwald, a member of Burlington’s Generator Makerspace, fuses abstract splatter painting with a stenciling process to create vibrant colorful artwork with high contrast graphics. Evan designs and fabricates reusable high resolution stencils using CAD software and a laser cutter.

9. Energy Challenge Showcase

10. Ship the Chip!: This year the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) NCountry chapter is Shipping the Chip! Using common household items (aluminum foil, balloons, popsicle sticks, etc.), protect a Pringle chip from the rigors of shipping. How will your design hold up?

11. Society of Women Engineers

12. Steampunk Firearms

13. UVM AERO: The University of Vermont Alternative Energy Racing Organization is a team of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Business students that builds formula style open wheel electric racecars and competes at the collegiate Formula Hybrid competition held annually at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Come see their latest car!

14. UVM FabLab: The academic makerspace at UVM works with undergraduate and graduate students and professors to fabricate engineering related projects. Undergraduate student employees will talk about what they do in the lab, including a demonstration of 3D printers.

15. Vitrocosm: This biotech startup is redefining the terms “Organic” and “GMO” by reviving an old breeding method that combines genetic material from any 2 plants into a single plant.

16. Science & Technology for Kids: SciTech4Kids LLC offers a series of after school and special training lessons for children of all ages. The lessons include robotics, arduino, raspberry Pi, and similar type of technical lessons.

17. Marble Machine Madness: Build ramps, tunnels, funnels and jumps to direct the marbles on this pegboard Marble Machine. You can also build your own marble maze to take home with you!

18. Maker Fails: Every maker has failed projects. Failing is how we learn! Come celebrate failure with us! Bring your stories and examples of failed projects and ideas and share the lessons learned with other makers.

19. Geo-Jewelry and Moving Hinge Cases and Bags: Meet Artist Jean Cheoruny, artist and member of the Generator Makerspace.

20. Vermont Folklife Center Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program: Since 1991 the Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program has paired community acknowledged masters of culturally-rooted art forms with apprentices. The program encompasses the practices of cultural groups indigenous to Vermont (Abenaki), those with long-time historical presence (Yankee and Franco-American), and recent immigrants and refugees.

21. Community Mural: Recycled objects will be used in a community mural to be displayed at Wildflowers Studio.

22. Vermont Steampunk Expo

23. JitterBugs and ScribbleBots: Make your own! Jitterbugs (non-programable vibrating robots) and ScribbleBots (legs of markers or pencils) are made of simple materials.

24. Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

25. RCNGM – Next Generation Manufacturing Center

26. Barnes & Noble tech toys and Recycled Book Projects: Get hands-on with popular tech toys such as littleBits, ozobots, LEGO Boost and Dash the Robot. Looking to unplug? Try make-and-take recycled book projects.

27. YourDuino.com: This small Vermont company will offer a display of Arduino Sensors and Actuators, including small Robots, temperature sensing, Home Automation applications and more.

28. Connecticut College of Technology

29. Code for BTV: Meet Vermont’s local Code for America “Civic Hacking” brigade, whose mission is to enable better government and community systems. Projects include software and systems development. Talk with this team about Civic Hacking to find out how you can help make your community’s government and systems work better.

30. Vermont Tech Projects: See projects done by Vermont Tech students!

31. Essex Robotics Club: A fleet of robots created by the Essex High School Robotics Club on display. Learn about this year’s FIRST Tech Challenge and how to get involved in the exciting and educational world of FIRST Robotics.

32. TIPS-FIRST Robotics: Come and visit with FIRST Jr. FLL (k-3), FLL (3-8) and FTC (7-12) teams and see the developmental progression of FIRST robotics from WeDo 2.0 to EV3 robots to Android cell phone robots. The teams will also present water themed projects and provide demonstrations of their robot designs.

33. “MARDUK” Giant Fighting Robot: “MARDUK” (Mechanical Armored Robotic Dynamic Underlying Kinesthesia) is a giant robot suit made for one thing: giant robot battles! Many people think making giant robots is expensive but we have found that with common materials your imagination is the only limit.

34. RoboHawks: Champlain Valley Union High School Robotics Team will be demonstrating robot design and programming. Let these students share what they know about robot design, programming, and engineering.

35. Self-Balancing Transport: See a self-balancing, Segway-like device. The “brain” is an Arduino; the motion is from wheelchair motors/wheels.

36. Rutland Area Robotics: Champbots, FRC Bots, jrFLL Bots, and more.

37. Green Mountain Gears

38. Foundry Workshop Science, Technology and Art: The Foundry is presenting multiple projects: cutting art patterns on a real CNC machine;  homemade musical instruments to play; physics demonstrations: an addressable LED screen to explore; and a kinetic sculpture just for fun.

39. Airbrush Workshop

40. MISmakers / The HiVE: Meet representatives of two innovative makerspaces. The HiVE is an artist collective in Middlesex that supports emerging artists. MISmakers, in Barnet, is an experimental lab for prototyping and building computer and electronic equipment.

41. The Bottle Doctor rx: A revolutionary, ingenious new bottle scrubber that makes cleaning sports bottles, glasses and cups effective, efficient and enjoyable. It’s great for home and families, camping, restaurants and bars.

42. Champlain Region Model Rocket Club: Meet members of Vermont’s only model rocket club! They fly rockets from less than an ounce to over 100 pounds, up to 10,000 feet!